Nu Rho Sigma
Sacred History

       In the Fall of 2005, the original concept for this fraternity was simply what one might considered to be a “Band Group” that started with 12 young men, and 1 exceptional young lady. They ultimately changed their  direction from becoming a band club that was originally called “Historical Black Musicians” to wanting something more for their group and started to discuss ideas. After studying and researching the past they began looking through many indigenous aboriginal Niiji cultural groups (Original Black or Copper Color Cultures Of the Americas) for inspiration.


        They also researched the Phoenician and Moorish Cultures. From ancient era's, all the way up to more modern times looking for Black artist from all over the world. After a thorough search through history they came across one group that stuck out and inspired them heavily through their works. Their name was the “Negro Philharmonic Society”. They grew to learn that this organization was deeply rooted, but was also a very well respected group of men and women. The affinity for this prestigious group lead our founders from the idea of just  a band club to wanting to form a elevated Greek letter organization. They called their organization “Nu Rho Sigma” (N.Ρ.Σ)  which was to give homage to the “Negro Philharmonic Society” and their rich cultural contributions to the fine arts that our community tends to forget.  


         In mid fall the founders continued exploring ideas to help enrich the Black culture and it’s community. By late November the founders cultivated a solid idea which was to bring young people together in brotherhood and their whole purpose would be to contribute to the Black community by showing a display of multiple talents in the Fine Arts. So on December 4, 2005, after a series of workshops Nu Rho Sigma Fine Arts Fraternity Inc. Alpha Chapter of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University was born!


          These extraordinary young founders were Justin Erskine, Kile M. Walton, Calvin James Jackson III, Daniel Dent, Rubin Bendolph III, James Hill, Steven Sanders, Ricardo Rumph, Andre' Payne, Amante' Gray, Garrett Coleman, Warren Ellison, and Tameeka Clarke.(a.k.a Nu-torius 12+1)

Excellence Is Not Our Goal… It Is Our Standard!!!