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Nu Rho Sigma where creativity and service are the keys to community growth.

We have a diverse range of arts such as dancing, singing, writing, poetry, stepping, cooking, hairstylists, drawing, clothes designers, painting, etc you name it!!!

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 In Regard To Covid-19

For Nu Rho Sigma, our brother's and sister's safety, health, and well-being remain our highest priority.

With the concerns regarding COVID-19 internationally, it is natural to experience anxiety and stress, especially with the information changing on the public health platform from day to day, on social distancing, work from home policies, and on-line classes.

Further more, the larger impact of the virus, regarding travel restrictions and other precautions are significant–noting we are all working through the challenges of daily updates on the status of COVID-19 and the subsequent changes we are all facing over the next few months.

This is unchartered territory for universities and organizations like Nu Rho Sigma and the intent of this website is to provide a means for communicating with one another as well as for resources that are helpful to all brothers, sisters, chapter officers, and volunteers in our communities.

Stay Safe Everyone        #NuTyme

Excellence Is Not Our Goal… It Is Our Standard!!!